Below is a series of short video segments by Fr. John
Catoir. Some were taped as endings to the "Christopher
Close-Up" program in New York. Some are newer videos
from 2012-2017. Each is less than 3:00 minutes in length.
Click title to view the video.
St. Paul on "Love"
Excerpt from a Christopher's Close-Up program on the writings
and life of St. Paul, the Apostle. Fr. John Catoir - (:38 Seconds)
Fr. John Catoir
. . . Messenger of Joy
Video 5                                          -  2:30 seconds
"Julian of Norwich, Saint John Paul II, and Joy!"
Video from 2015 - Explores the various writing of Saint John
Paul II and Julian -- comparing their sentiments on offering
God the simple act of being joyful in our lives.
Part 3 - Fr. Catoir with Cardinal Suenens
"How Can We Find Jesus?"          -   1:42 minutes
VIDEO SERIES: with Cardinal Suenens of Belgium
Part 4 - Fr. Catoir with Cardinal Suenens
"Carrying Christ in the World"       -   2:07 minutes
VIDEO SERIES: with Fr. Henri Nouwen
VIDEO SERIES: with Cardinal John O'Connor